Praying In The Dead of Night

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 17:43 -- BN15

I do not know what I’m suppose to say

or the words I’m suppose to pray.


It is like one day

he was walking Your way


but then instead of seeing black and white he started seeing gray

and he decided to turn astray. 


Now here You and I are in the dead of night

and I’m begging You to show him what is right.


I know You care for him way more than me

and want to set him completely free.


I wish he see himself through Your eyes

because then he would see himself as a prize


It seems to be his mind

that he is letting define


how he sees himself. 

Now he continually sells


out to what the world believes 

and he does not see he is being deceived.


There seems to be nothing I can do.

I try desperately to point him to You


but he seems to always have an excuse

or maybe he is just that confused.


All I know is I just can not bare to watch him walk away,

so, here in the dead of night, I will pray. 


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