On My Quest


United States
41° 55' 9.9156" N, 88° 8' 2.4684" W

I’m in the dark
Loneliness trickling over me like dripping pipes
Hope has ran away
So far away that I cannot breath
When I reach out
I expect to find nothing but the damp air
But instead I feel a hand
A warm hand spreading life through my veins
My eyes are opened
And I see a light so bright
That I’ll never shut my eyes again
The hand lifts me to my feet
And assures me that everything will be alright
I smile with the presence of new life
I am reborn
I sing praises
Lift my hands
And pray
For I have found you, my God
And I will never let go


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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