"Well La Da Da"


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"Well La Da Da"
I asked God if He made you
But I never got an answer
The thought if you were the one
Ate at my soul like a cancer
The tears that would leak
When my eyes got weak
Didn't know if it was real
What my soul wanted to seek
Failing day after day
My head has gotten hotter
A squeezing in my stomach
As I treaded rough water
"But that's some man's daughter"
Said the voice on my shoulder
And the more I thought about it
It weighed me down like a boulder
Being quiet in my actions
Afraid in my metaphors
"Why don't you give up"
Said the voice of the resistors
But like the hair on my head
The feeling just kept growing
And if I left it uncut
There was know way of knowing
If the fire in my heart belonged to me or to God
Is that how life is suppose to be
Are we really led by his rod
If I'm not then it's a gamble
And my egghead says I shouldn't
But my humanity might fade away
Living a life of I wouldn't
But still there's an opening
I see new life in your eyes
And it kills me every time
That we say our goodbyes
But I hope and I pray that we will one day be together
And our happiness would be divine
Able to stand the weather
But until then am I crazy
To believe in this relation
I can't relive the agitation
My new found revelation
But I know for a fact
In a dream that I saw
That we were holding hands together
Singing La Da Da
In the meantime when I speak
I will rewind what it means
To be focused and devoted
On my life call when I'm open
On a plane ride to the ocean
Near the bright lights and below it
When it's showtime or before it
Backstage or performing
Outside I don't show it
But I can't wait for our moment.


David the Nazarite

This is the love I feel. This is my dream. Can you make it a reality?

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