Gone is the color in their eyes.

Because of the choice of one person,

On the ground, they all fell down


The cries for justice,

When these three went,

They all die down.


Some leaders speak out

Others speak for it

The pretenses are down.


As my brothers and sisters suffer,

I find some of us closer together.

The walls between us fall down.


What if they come for me next?

For my parents, brother, or friends?

I assure you, our guard is not down.


Ishwarallah, in this world of yours

Why is there hate, why is there war?

If your heart is so large, come down.


Stand with us, and watch us.

Give us strength to overcome.

With you, we will never fall down.


Note: Ishwarallah is a poetic term in Hindi-Urdu used to refer to the God of all faiths. I use it in the spirit of Ishwarallah standing for unity among faiths and people, not simply the power of God.

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