I Chose to Write Today


I chose to write today

Having been gifted with literacy

Gifted with the words I say

Have power, the authority

To bear truth, God-given knees

Bent in prayer, wholly broken


I chose to write today

Bittersweet burdens of a rescued soul

Tender, as the words I say

May endure eternities, remembered,

These perspective words inspired

By the Ghost within


I chose to write today

Prayers to my unborn

Children, as the words I say

Surely will resonate, the veil

Cannot bar Mother’s eternal cradle

Our years apart shall be so few


I chose to write today

Agency equates to triumphs and

Mistakes, the words I say

Shall cause burning of the heart

As the Ghost reveals its healing art

Piercing into precious pieces


And I chose to write today

‘cause I once did not accept tomorrow’s

Existence, words I say

Cannot express my desire to live

Graciously accept death in righteous time gives

Eternal exaltation with my Heavenly Father


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