The Young Sapling

The Young Sapling

By: Madison Winchell


The young sapling, small and frail

Is suffocated by the roots of mature trees.

The trees strangle the sapling into growing one way

However, new to the world, the sapling obeyed.


The young sapling, small and frail

Is growing up, but is starting to slant.

With suffocation of other roots

The sapling had no other way to grow.


The young tree, dying and weak

Realises she was deceived by the others

The roots she obeyed made her this way

She wanted change


The young tree, dying and weak

Receives help from one other

HE gives the sapling love and support

HE helped the young tree grow upright


The mature tree, once small and frail

Is now beautiful and strong

Her roots are filled with kindness and love

HE gave her the strength to do amazing things


The mature tree, once dying and weak

Sees a young sapling, small and frail.

She realizes she can suffocate it

And let it grow slant just like she did


The mature tree, beautiful and strong

Suffocates the young sapling, small and frail.

However, the young sapling didn’t grow up slanted

The mature tree used her roots to help the young sapling.



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