My Heart Is Yours

Sat, 12/27/2014 - 16:54 -- sirral3


You give me tears, you give me love, but there's more you do that lifts my heart, everyday when you look my way, I glance into eternity not able to look away. My heart pounds and my body is stoked. Every pulse, every breath is a moment I can't believe. Can't believe that I get to call you mine. And can make these rhymes for you to chime, just give me your time and it all be worth while. Don't dial me away keep me another day and I'll show you the way to a new path. A world so much brighter then the one we are living today.  The drops fall and crash to the ground, as my heart pulses with the sound.  The tears are of pain but you are not the cause. The pain of my bad habits haunt me through the walls of my brain that drive me insane. But I give it my best fight. I want to be your shining knight, your sword and shield against the evil outside your light. Your light that blinds the wicked and brings me closer to you. I never want to lose sight. I cry. I cry for your forgiveness when I fail. When my brain turns stale. It can't handle the pressure and the measure of the guilt that ways apon my soul. I don't want to turn dull like iron in the rain. Please don't turn away. I give you my heart. It is a fragile thing. It might be a mess but it's yours. And no one else's to say.  


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