The Eye of The Storm


Eyes closed

Light vanishes and I suddenly

Become a target to my past

The wind picks up

Dark clouds consume the sky

Light races across the clouds

As darkness floods the ground and hail pours down

I run for shelter but it is too late

I get caught in the eye

Where there are light winds and clear skies

You may ask “but what is wrong with the eye?”

Just give me a second

So I can recite my story  

I stand here imprisoned in the center of it all

With a clouded mind

Detained to the ground trembling with Terror and disgust

Watching an endless movie of who I was

Why can I shut my eyes and sleep it off?

Branches from the trees I planted

Snap off and disappear in the wind

I am merely a tree planted in a desert

Haunted by my own thoughts

Drowning in a sea of sin

Unable to see the shore

 I see I see the waves of

Broken relationships, of abandonment, of rejection

Heading in my direction

Caught in the rip current of guilt

Waving my arms and yelling out

But no one seems to hear me

Has everyone gone deaf or have I gone mute

 Just like Peter, I cry out to the Lord

“If it is you, bid me to

Walk on the water”

“Come my daughter ”, he says

Trembling and shaking I grab  the side of the

Boat putting both of my feet over the edge and

Onto  the water

One step two step a couple more steps

A little too confident in myself now

With every step, it felt like an eternity

My mind being filled with uncertainty

But wait why is the water reaching my knees

Father, I am sinking

Please please don’t let me this sea engulf me

And instantly I see a hand reaching

Into the water for my hand

And he pulls me out and

Lifts my head and looks me in the eyes and says

Did I not promise you that I was

Going to be with you every day of your life

No matter where you find yourself

Have you forgotten who I am 

I am the alpha and omega 

I am the beginning and the end 

And all knees  shall bend before me 

For too long I was running the wrong race

Thinking I was usian bolt

Capable of outrunning my flesh

With no self-discipline, I am like a boxer

Beating the air taking punches from everywhere

I am not a punching bag  

I am a blood washed child of his Kingdom

Raised from the grave to bring his name praise

No longer a slave to Satan’s games

But sanctified and called a saint

Just like me I know you feel the pain

Feeling like an outcast when in reality

we need to cast our burdens on him

don’t worry about fitting in with the crowd

because the only place you need to fit in is into his arms

so church use your real eyes to realize that

that you are not the author of your lives

but that Jesus is

so put on your armor and quit playing church

and quit thinking you’re saved just because

you go to church because guess what 

Satan goes to church too

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