Life as an Ocean Wave

Sat, 08/30/2014 - 22:39 -- poem123

I am an ocean wave, grasping for the rocks.

There’s no need for time, nor for any clocks.

God has a future planned, planned for you and me,

But wait he has a plan, to spend it joyfully.


Gods given me this gift, the ocean I patrol,

But when the storms get rough, I let him take control.

And though sometimes I must, do things on my own,

I know that he’ll be waiting, so I’m not alone.


I have so much power, to knock down a tower

But it is also gentle, to give the cliffs a shower.

You see I have a job, to ride the oceans tide

And when I reach the shore, those little shells I’ll hide.


The one who has a plan, makes my timing perfect.

Though I may mess up, to God those waves are worth it.

Reaching, reaching, reaching, for the farthest shore;

That’s my job all day, that’s what I do no more.

 I’ve been given life, a future from above;

I have a destiny, full of promises and love.


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