Divinity's color

Thu, 03/14/2013 - 20:06 -- Eli-bug


United States
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My God isn't her god, Isn't His God, Isn't your God. My God has a different name, a different form, and claim to fame. Their past may be different But the goal is just the same, He or she still looks after me, looks out for my best interests, And in times of catastrophe will post pone his or her tests, my faith is never in doubt for even though its a new name, the entity the body and the motives all the same, So call them what you will be it Allah , God, Or Isis. They're still going to be there for you in your time of crisis. The walls are coming down and you're feeling all alone, but the divine heavenly presence will fill your house and home, make it welcome, make it safe, make you know that you are loved, even when there's hate down here for whom you think's up above. Be you black, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Wicca, or Isreali, Be it Allah, Elohim, God, Shiva, or Yahweh–nissi . No matter who you call them by, Im sure they've taught you right, So why should it matter if our God is black or white?

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