Snowflakes Can Be Heavy

Snowflakes can be Heavy
A weight has been lifted, tasks that seem impossible are now handled by the one true king. Stress and the Heavy now feel like gentle snowflakes that melt away on my shoulders. In out darkest hour we reach for God, and he will always reach back if we acknowledge his word and have followed him. We live in a world telling us we can have it all, but we can only take one thing when we depart and it's not our worldly possessions, we don't take our souls for granted, or the beautiful life we have been blessed with. He gave up everything he loved for something and someone he loved more than himself (Us) a true sacrifice. 365 days a year we give it all to him for he gave it all to us. It was only then that we realized this that the snowflakes began to melt.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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Beautiful poem

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