Mary (Based on the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd)


United States
30° 5' 55.9212" N, 94° 10' 0.2424" W

There was a statue of the Mother of God
But this statue seemed a little odd
It was not like the other statues I’ve seen
It was a darker colored Mary, standing nice, tall, and clean.

This statue was our strength, it was our hope.
In times of pain, it would help us cope.
In the darkness, it was light
Strengthening us with its might.

Carved out of wood with a hand raised high,
Showing the power of women from our greatest ally.
It holds stories from deep inside the wood
Stories of faith, love, and passion that have changed me for good.

Not only does Mary teach, she leads.
She led me to my most important needs.
She showed me what the love of real mothers could do.
Mary, I would not have found this if I did not have you.


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