Telling Truths

I don't hate.
I'm not a bigot.
I can only speak the truth.
If/when people read this
You need to know: Please look.
I judge no one, I love
Only as Christ loved me.
Yet I am human alas!
I must let Him love through me.
Somebody will be angry
Someone will flag me as spam.
But I write and write and write and write
I don't KNOW if its right to leave them here
Where anyone could see.
But I know what I'm saying is write,
The santicty of life
The pillar of marriage,
The unity of family
So please don't disparage.
I don't want a platform,
But sometimes I need to say
What upsets me, What gets me
What I saw today.

People get angry, people get sad
I try not to answer, try not to get mad
Aren't I entitled to say the Truth?
"Your truth." you say
No, the TRUTH.
He told me to say it,
I may be overzealous,
But to be wrong is one thing
To be right is the best thing
To do nothing is the WRONG thing.
So what am I to do?
Live up to my screen name,
And submit to the Truth.


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