Waiting to Exhale (Addicted)


United States
41° 47' 19.7052" N, 72° 40' 16.6404" W

I inhale, Smoke fills my lungs.
Leaving behind a bitter sweet taste on my tongue.
Bitter poison but sweet relaxation. Absorbing into my bloodstream my own condemnation. I try to fight it, but too strong is the temptation
So strong the obligation, to inhale once more and feed my starvation
Feed this addiction, and play accomplice in my own assassination
For I know that the pleasure I gain is not worth the contamination and pain
But I continue in this flirtation with death
Inhaling once more and again
Gambling on the day in which I’ll hear the words say that my life is coming to an end
But what will I do then? Who am I to blame when cheating death becomes my game
Every time that I inhale…
Why can’t I change? I pray, but still I’m the same.
They say it won’t happen overnight, so in faith I remain
But until then I inhale…
Still hoping that one day, with this addiction I can cope,
And maybe instead of inhaling and filling my lungs with smoke,
I will inhale, and God will be the one to fill my soul.
Locking this addiction away in a bottomless black hole
So that I can finally take control and...exhale.


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