To Be Flawless


How I am flawless?

What a bore,

These weak and fragile ideals,

We hold them close,

To build ourselves up,

But the world in its flawless heart,

Strikes us into chaos


How am I flawless?

I grow,

I change,

I flow,

I am,

I am not,

But I am learning,


How am I flawless?

Deeper inside,

Beneath the body,

Beneath prana,

Beneath the mind,

Beneath intellect,

In Atman I reach Flawlessness,


How am I flawless?

I am what my father made me,

I am what my mother raised me,

I am what my teachers shaped me,

I am what my friends saw in me,

I am what my lovers felt inside me,

What was within can become what is outside,


I am flawless,

On this the fifth layer,

I achieve Moksa,

Oneness with Brahmin,

Oneness with You,

Oneness with Me,

I see myself in all,

And all in me.


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