Loving you is harder than anything I’ve ever known. Never seen, and never shown. Hatred courses through my veins, for our religions cause slated pain. I can’t even tell you how I feel for if I do my fate be sealed. Hell is the home I carry with me, From coast to coast, from sea to sea. Stoping love and causing pain forcing me from lovers lane. For I am bi, you didn’t know? How can God hate Lovers so? Is mine less clear? Less sane? Less Safe? Can God not see I hate this place? I want a world where bi is ok and straight and gay are all Feng shui. A kinder, safer, nicer place where all is right without a fight where all is day and never night.
So Timmy, I confess with all my might I love you now without requite. Love me, Like me, I don’t know! The mysteries like a fallen snow. Unexplored, Unhindered, Untested, Untracked, dealing with issues like these with tact! So forgive me my love, My loves like a dove. I will never forget you if push comes to shove. I'll protect you and care, with a loving flair, always watching, always there. So don't forget me! don't even try! my heart is yours and thats not a lie! Leviticus is crueler than love could be, Yes or No doesn't matter to me! Hell is my ultimate fear, I don't want to go I want to steer clear! But I may not be able to avoid being damned, so forgive my heart... Its in Your Hands.


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