The Source of My Joy

I have joy, not happiness but joy.


You may ask what the difference is, aren’t joy and happiness one and the same? No. They are vastly different. Happiness is based on eternal circumstances. Joy prevails despite the circumstances that you may face, it comes from within.


So what is the source of my joy? I’m glad you asked. I can assure you that it is not the homework waiting to be done, the papers crying out to be written, or the presentations demanding my attention. My joy also does not come from the all-nighters that have become way too common….team no sleep for the win!


My joy doesn’t come from material things.


The material things that I enjoy may make me happy, but they don’t bring me joy. My joy is not found in things, but in the creator of all things.


My joy is found in God, He uplifts me.


He catches me when I fall and never lets me wallow in self-pity. He picks me up, dusts me off, and lets me try again. He corrects me when I’m wrong but never condemns. 


I can also confide in Him and know that He won’t betray my confidence. He and I can talk for hours on end with Him listening, never judging, always uplifting and edifying.


God is the source of my joy.


He gives me joy in the midst of midterms and final exams. He gives me joy on Monday morning when I have to go to class. He gives me joy during my 8:30am work shift.


The joy He gives uplifts me, it propels me forward, and it gives me strength.


The joy He gives sustains me.


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