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Go, little sheep, from this
bare and desolate land.
Go from this wicked place
with its whips and brands.
Go, press onward through
the cold gates that bar the way
Go, leave this dark world
and its cruel masters behind.

Go, follow the golden river
away from the shadowy place.
Go, follow the Shepherd, he
is calling, listen to his voice.
Go, he knows how to lead you,
the Shepherd knows the path.
Go, the Shepherd's wise commands
will guide you to a grassy land.
Go, tread upon the fertile hills
and rest beneath his caring hand.



I wrote this poem because in order to get through my trials, I've had to rely on my Savior and on God. Though this world is full of evil and sadness, I have received peace through my faith. I have been guided by God's caring hand through hard times.

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