He is always there


As tears fall, we let our emotions hold is captive.

This is massive!

We must allow His spirit to become ACTIVE,

in our lives.

We are down and we wonder who will be there

I'm here,

To tell you that My God Shall wipe every tear you cry,

He shall dry every eye,

Let us not even dare to compromise, 

with Him.

Our flesh shall not ARISE

because He is here to bring them down.

What is being brought?

Do you remember what you have be taught?

I am talking about His blessings,

you know?

Those that are like water,

meaning they flow.

So many like a river, so I swim

No boat.

Listen to this

Do not miss this,

what YOU are going through 

is no ones BUSINESS!

Yes you may cry,

and the world may stare, 

But HE is two hands raised and one bow 

from a prayer.

Do you dare,

try to do this on your own?

Let God be your weights,

for only He can make you truly strong.

Hold on,

to Him.

And when you think He isn't around,

touch your heart and feel His flame

that burns from within.

If you don't tend to it, 

the fire will die out.

So cry out,

to Him, 

and He'll lend an ear,

concur your fears,

and absorb your tears.

When He is within,

new life begins.

Look down at the devil,

say "This is the END!"

Tell him "no more",

say that you're done.

There is one man who runs me now, 

name's G.O.D, 

and yes, Oh yes

He is the One



MVP-Most Valuable Poet


well said

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