God's Light


United States
44° 44' 59.0388" N, 93° 11' 52.9908" W

You can live many years on this earth so divine,
And not know the wonders that He can provide.
But then something changes,
Call it fate, if you will.
You’re lost in the cold,
The dark will not cease.
There’s a light at the end of this dreary, damp cave.
A light that you might just be starting to see.
You walk towards it, then stop.
There is fear in your heart.
A fear that you’ll change,
And not be who you were.
But peace emanates from that bright light you can see,
A peace that you know means that hope will come here.
You walk forward to see that this light is not far.
It only comes closer the more you walk on.
The cave starts to warm, and the grass starts to grow.
The sunlight is shining, bright rays heat your face.
You don’t want to leave this bright garden too soon.
You’re only beginning to see that this light
Is the Light from above; shining down, looking in.


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