I have feelings of loneliness that I can't break
The chains are on me and darkness around me
I have gotten myself in a bind
And don't know how to get out.
I feel lost and don't know what to do.
I am on my knees with streams of
Tears that flow down my face.
I hear a dark sound of laughter
That echoes through my head.
I feel as if I've lost the light.
I begin to stand with some flicker of Hope
I stomp my feet wanting to be let out
I feel a soft touch that wasn't there before
A hand is reaching for me, I see it now.
I stretch forth with all my might
I am blinded by the light but now,
I know, I haven't become part of the night
I see a loving face with tear stained eyes
I want to know how my knight in so
Much pain could save a wretched soul like mine.
He says, "My child, I love you, don't forget what you're worth."
I'm on my knees kissing His feet,
I see the marks that he so willingly took
To save my wretched soul
I look up to his smiling face,
My Savior, my Friend.
I once was lost but now I am found.


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