The Storm


United States
43° 17' 26.2176" N, 85° 31' 49.1664" W

Shining drops caress the leaves
Singing the song the nighttime weaves.

Lightning flashes, the thunder chimes
To the chaos of my mind.
Passionate love, wild like fury.
The edges of reality becoming blurry.

Pillars of stone, broken angels
Waves of sand, breaking in my heart
On the shores of my soul
Tearing my world apart.

A place I've known but ever roam.
A land of dreams that feels like home.

Caught in the maelstrom, spinning around.
The Glory of God as seen from the ground.
Will the world miss her, the girl in the tower?
Silent voices whisper: this is the Hour.

What wonders lie behind the next bend?
Familiar places I've never been.
Forming like ice, yet vanish like smoke
A world created and destroyed at one stroke.

There, in the center, shines the Truth
Wisdom of ages with the freedom of youth.

But although it is much more lovely than gold
The power of Life is not mine to hold.
It cannot be touched, nor by vision tied;
The Kingdom of God cannot be defined.

Now, suddenly, a long corridor;
Mysterious and dark, it ends with a door.
Through the opening the storm clouds have parted.
Calm descends, I'm back where I started.

And yet, as I watch the sun rise
I wish it could have been otherwise.



I love thunderstorms. The sky opens up and releases its passion upon the Earth. It is then that I feel closest to God's true nature, which is powerful, awe inspiring, and beautiful. There is no feeling that compares to being in the middle of that scene, dancing with utter abandon. It is like being baptized in the tears of God; you cannot help coming out of it completely changed. When the storm has finished, you feel like you have lost someone precious, but you cannot regret having experienced it.

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