Why are you so down on yourself? Do you not know what greatness you have?

How do you deal with the negativity in life? Don’t you know what you are made of?

Your parents helped you the terrible struggle you will face, struggle to live life, so you won’t fall into their footsteps.

Your grandparents prophesied to you the painful memories you will bear, memories to seek faith, so you won’t be surprised.

Your brothers and sisters fought with you the battles you will wrestle, battles to endure longsuffering, so you won’t lose the war.

Your friends bond you the suffering you will feel, suffering to find friends, so you won’t live alone.

You lose faith in God; you lose the hope in yourself.

You lose family from death; you lose the friends in rejection.

You lose memories in confusion; you lose the good times in tragedies.

You lose paradise in violence; you lose the healing in sickness.

You lose dreams in nightmares; you lose the power in weakness.

You lose perseverance in apathy; you lose the determination in depression.

Your life is meaningful like a star that lights up the night.

Your life is charitable as the sun gives light to the moon.

You should not lose faith; don’t through in the towel.

The struggle is temporarily like a scar on your skin stay for a few days.

The life you live now does not need to be this way.

Depression cannot make you sad; poverty cannot make you poor.

Violence cannot destroy the peace; Disability cannot destroy the body.

Rejection cannot make you alone; Diseases cannot make you sick.

Stress cannot kill your heart; Bullying cannot kill your mind, only if you let it happen to you

What I mean, Determination.

It is a hope for many opportunities, a faith in life after death.

Look at yourself.

You are able to live another day, seeing your spirit lift sky high.

You are strong; you are victorious,

You are smart; you are wonderful,

You are spectacular; you are wonderful,

You are created in the image of God; you’re beautiful.

Don’t matter what haters say; don’t matter what people say.

You have a life to live.

Why are you so down on yourself? Do you not know what greatness you have?

The greatness lives inside of you because your pains won’t last very long.

How do you deal with the negativity in life? Don’t you know what you are made of?

Listen to Your Heart Where Your Life Is Made Of Golden Strings of Days You Lived

Now I say to you young people—persevere to do your best

Reach out to help someone.

If you are determined to be somebody, then it is clear to keep fighting until the pain is conquered.

Be grateful for what you have.

Share peace with others instead of violence.

You are chosen for greatness.

Destroy the negativity inside you.

Your dreams are gemstones, priceless futures no one can take away.

You may suffer, but the God above lives with you.

You must have determination, a hope of opportunities and a faith in Life after Death, but also, a Spirit of Excellence In The Future!


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