One and Only


The one and Only God of gods, who gave his only begotten son

That whom so ever believes in him

Shall not perish but live everlasting, Amen.

God isn’t real you say?

Yet he surely is,

As real as the blue blood running through my veins.

As real as the sky and al it contains.

As real as sunsets.

And as the sun sets, and times of bed rest, and late night texts,

The day of , you dress in Sundays best.

But on that Monday, you stray the other way, and you take God as if he’s child’s play.

If only you knew , what you were truly getting into.

He is not a toy, but everlasting joy.

“And when it all falls down”, no MAN will be able to pick your pieces from off the ground.

There is so much controversy about how the human race became, and how the universe was formed;

That people like Charles Darwin tried to explain, that we were monkeys before human beings

I glance at myself , and I am not a monkey

I come from the bloodline of Adam and Eve

And their blood runs in my veins,

Sadly, forever I am sin,

But then he died and rose again,

So my sins could be forgiven.

When faced the times of evil minds,

Of sharp words that speak lies

understand that  God is love , and he loves us.

So times of tribulations is followed by salvation.


   “Dear Father,

               I want to thank you for sending your son to die for me, thank you for the opportunity of true peace. I want to reach people out for you Lord. From my words to the world, the mind of the young, and the young minded souls. To the Father, Son, and Holy spirit, to whom I shall always believe in”


                                                                                                        Your child


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