Sun, 09/01/2013 - 20:29 -- Mariska



What makes wrong, wrong?

What makes right, right?

Is there an area of grey,

Where only some things are acceptable?


Who has made the law?

Should I conform to

Society’s views of morality.

Even when no one is watching?


Is it God’s Word, His Will, His Plan,

That makes me act the way I do

When I decide if actions are wrong or right,

Or if I justify actions if it causes no harm?


Is it wrong to take an eye for an eye?

What makes it right to turn the other cheek?

To what extent are my surroundings influential?

Who has taught me, for what reason,

When did I form these opinions?


And still, I don’t know,

What makes wrong, wrong,

What makes right, right,

And if there are areas of grey.



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