Our Generation

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You see,
we live in a generation where it's cooler to follow the latest trend, clinging on to the newest phone,
attached to it like king to his throne.

Afraid to go on the right track,
Because we might get stabbed in the back.
Putting a lock on our phone for protection,
Because your friends may use it as a weapon.

Now I'm sorry if you disagree,
but if it was up to me,
we wouldn't be ignoring the poverty
refusing to trust in God's sovereignty
being a slave to paper,
ignoring the fact that,
that one thing is supposed to determine our value. People saying,
"nah it ain't for the money"
then you turn around and roll up in a new Bugatti?

Being "lowkey" about your love for the real king
only showing up to church to show your friends your new bling. Isn't it unnerving knowing you're apart
of a world that cherishes material things,
faking a love for our creator, the real king.

Weird how when you mention Jesus, you're suddenly an outcast.
Too many people worried about the past, they can't see their future.
Only one holds the key,
and that's up to you to see.

We spend so much time trying to make our lives look so grand, funny how in the Bible,
Jesus says the boastful is who he cannot stand.

Don't get me wrong,
I've been that kid to only obey God when it's convenient, then pray asking for forgiveness when I don't really mean it. Does that mean it always have to be that way?
no matter what happens,
you always have a say.

Now I'm not being a hater,
nah, I'm just being real.
I mean,
what are you gonna say when he asks you in front of the gates, "have you been good"?

will you be heard,
or just misunderstood?

By: Landon Shofner


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My community
My country
Our world
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