The beauty in the waterfalls, the rippling of the water,

The sound of God’s creation and the majesty within her


The singing of the birds, and the rustling of the trees,

The color of the flowers and the buzzing of the bees


The smile of a mother when she holds her baby close,

The tender touch of others, and the petals of a rose


The magic of the sunset, and the light after the rain,

The joy that’s found in Jesus, a joy that never fades


The fire in determined eyes, the strength of bold heart’s flame,

The hope that never dies, the power that’s never tamed


The sacrifice of love, the sharing without reluctance,

The giving of great rarity, the standing for importance


True beauty is this: the love in others’ eyes,

To give without receiving, and lips that never lie


It’s the beauty in the sky, the wonder in the stars,

The awe in God’s mercy, and His arms never far.


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