4. Dear Future Me

Dear future me,

I wonder who you turned out to be…

You were always an anxious one

The type who’s too scared to have too much fun

Because you feared there’ll be sorrow when the fun is done.

You worried a lot, so each morning you felt blessed to see the sun

But you felt like you've really won, when you met God’s One and Only Son

Future me, I really wonder who you've become.

I know you always wanted to become a mum

Did you get a daughter, or a son?

What about marriage, did you find the perfect one?

Dear future me, how are you?

Did your dreams came through?

Did you get to become an actress,

or even got to write a book?

Or did you became a chef, I know how much you love to cook

Dear future me, I really hope you’re doing good

I hope you’re still worshiping and serving God like you should.

I hope you’re still committed to the promise you made since childhood

That you would help those less fortunate, and those who are in need.

Help widows, help the homeless and maybe a adopt a child to feed

In some dreams you may not succeed, but make sure in this one you exceed.

Dear future me, how are things?

You always stayed positive, no matter what life brings

If you’re reading this, it’s by God’s Grace

Grace is the reason why you’re still in the race

I bet you are reading this with a smile on your face

I don’t know, but I really hope my future is great

My senior year was stressful, I was even staying up late

just to make sure my future was straight

… But in God I placed all my faith,

I was just waiting for Him to open the floodgate

I was waiting for His Blessings to reign down, no matter how long I would have to wait.

Or am I still waiting?

If I’m still waiting, that’d be devastating

But hey, I’m not complaining, it’s all in His Timing.

Hey future me, I have to say one more thing that I hope you’ll keep to the end

You weren't always an approachable person, not to offend

But smile more, and make some friends

Stop depending on others. Trust God, and on Him only depend

And I am saying this with no pretend, continue to love your family and friends

Quit worrying so much, enjoy life, this I highly recommend

Stop living in your past, move ahead

Yes, stop looking on the bad side, lift up your head

Look around, and look at the good side instead

Future me, I really hope your future is bright

Whether you’re reading this day or night,

I just pray that everything is alright

I hope you’re treating yourself right

Well, I love you and can’t wait to be you.

Yours truly, past you! <3

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My family
Our world
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