Are we not all searching for a reason to live? Searching for our origin and our destiny? Is it just the scariest thought to drift along the highways of life, missing your turn and falling into a black hole of despair, the total opposite of what you assumed would be at the end? Yet it could be the detour that leads you to the highest level of fulfillment filled with success that you neglect to advise. Otherwise, staying on a dead end road because it's straight and narrow with what's believed is your destination. Signs cry out to turn around and warnings poor out of the ground, but because you're so sure that you're right, you push down on the gas to continue. Is it your pride that will be the culprit for another ambitious life, because God certainly wouldn't allow you to continue on a road if it wasn't right for you, and he will always protect is that correct? As you race down the strip, your brakes slip and you fall in a ditch that broke your body, but saved you from the fire pit, now will you listen??


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