You stood on the walls and watched,

Through the long and troubled night.

You strained your eyes across the field,

 Looking hard for movement slight.


Of secret shadows dark and dim.

For well you knew Babylon’s host,

Lay beyond the outer rim.



You knew their men were strong,

No equal in the land,

Cataphracts arrayed in steel,

Long lances in their hand.


On leopard-horses fierce and swift,

Warriors grim prepare to mete,

Quick death, their parting gift.



Your heart was filled with rage,

You had to ask God why,

Do the wicked all succeed,

While the righteous fail and die?


The chosen people fear the foe,

And the nation of the living God,

Suffers streams of constant woe.



The wind in the night was stirred,

You felt your heart beat race,

You heard a voice and in fear you knew,

The Lord was speaking face to face.


A voice deeper than the farthest stars,

Commanded secret hearts within,

And then erased its hidden scars.



He said with outstretched arm,

“Look at all the nations in your view,

 Watch and be amazed,

At what I, the Lord, will do.”


“To Babylon I have given power

T’was I who raised their hoards,

And set their hunger to devour.”



You asked, full of doubt,

“Why dear Lord? Don’t you,

Oppose the wicked and the evil,

The enemies of all that’s true?”


The Lord replied, “Listen more,

My message is not done,

I have sent doom to their door”



The Lord spoke and said,

“Have hope for though they seem,

So strong and brave, they cannot stand

before the one God who redeems.”


Their time will come,

They will fall, their idols all shall fail,

And dust they shall become.



You looked and a vision appeared,

The Lord arrayed to fight,

Bright as lightning, broad his shield,

And far his arrows bite.


His bow and spear amazing,

Both stretch across the sky,

As the angel’s war-horn rings.



Such is your protector,

None can harm nor kill,

None can bring the worse,

No one has the skill.


Like a deer you leap,

Because the Lord is your strength,

And he protects his sheep.





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