You set the mold

Every day consists of pieces of you

Differentiate life lessons and sheer misery

I’m unable to see

That words can mean more than deceit

This can't be all that’s around me

When you awake

To your mistakes

The wounds you make

The sanity you take

Your smirk will finally be erased

Off your precious little face


The scars are finally fading

And I've outgrown the hating

You've been lying through your teeth

And were quick to unleash

The beast beneath

The surface, that your smile can't conceal

'Cause you don't know the meaning of real


Must be nice to be balanced by someone who

Keeps your head high

It’s a wonder how you can manipulate love

And still get your fresh supply


Let's give a round of applause)

You’ve lost a hand to hold you up

You’re slowly running out of luck

So now take your final look

I'm first of many off your hook


You’ve lost touch of what is yours

And what is mine

(Get your claws off of me

Back in the cage, where you ought to be)

Control won’t count to you unless

I am completely blind

(Let's play fair game in light

Or you won't be the first to bite)

Your attitude is nothing but a waste of breath

What could your icy heart hold onto now, in life, in death?




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