God is worth it

Mon, 06/24/2013 - 11:12 -- jenncay


I breathe and live for the word of God. Church is my home and the bible is my foood. I read passages and learn about deaths, pets, and dangerous moves. The cross is glowing, showing the world who we stand up for, showing the world who He died for. Each day I whisper prayers that hopefully are heard from the big guy in heaven, hopefully are spun and entwined into my story of rhyme. I put my faith in the Lord, knowing he made me genuine in existance, knowing that my heart is in my sole, and knowing that he will never let me fall. Fall into temtaion, putting me into sedation, making me see the train station, filled with sinners. I know I am not perfect, but looking up to a perfect God, makes me know that life is worth it. 


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