Calm the Storm

I’m caught in an internal whirlwind,

no escape in sight.

Despair and doubt’s heavy blows bruise my skin,

sharp knife stabs of panic and fear cut deep.

Reality and my mind’s deceptions blur.

I am utterly, hopelessly lost.


Yet above the shrieking roar

comes a sweetly lilting melody,

pure and true.

I smile through the tears, for I know

I am saved.


You are my rock, my shield, and my anchor,

the one stable foothold in this maelstrom of chaos.

In You I find






purpose, and an

everlasting, overabundant joy.

And though I can but spout clichés,

words are only ghosts of the heart-song You awakened in me.

Though I must struggle on,

I know that You will help me calm the storm,

because You and You alone are

all I need.

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