This is My Religion


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Every day in the hallway or when I’m sitting in class,
Someone asks me a question about my religion.
I’m happy to talk about it.
Until the derogatory comments and assumptions slap me in the face.
“My pastor said this…
…and my grandma said that.”
Well this is what I say:
I am a Christian.
I do not worship Mary, but I do pray through her.
Same with the Saints, their stories are powerful.
But I pray through them for help with certain needs;
I do not worship them.
I do not pay indulgences, but I do go to confession to be forgiven for my sins.
I do not discourage Bible reading, but I do believe there will be misinterpretations if read alone.
I do not follow a made-up Bible.
It was taken directly from the original Scriptures.
I am not anti-science.
I believe science is part of God’s plan;
I believe in dinosaurs.
Same sex marriage is not something I personally agree with, but I am not a homophobe.
I believe in saving sex for marriage.
I believe in not using contraceptives, unless there is a good reason, like medical issues.
But I will never accept abortion.
I may receive the Body of Christ, but I am not a cannibal.
I may receive wine instead of grape juice as the Blood of Christ, but I am not an alcoholic.
Holy Water is special; it’s not just “blessed water.”
The Sign of the Cross is a prayer;
It’s not something done when you cross home plate because it’s “cool.”
Rosaries are not necklaces; each bead represents something in a beautiful prayer.
I believe in Purgatory, Heaven, and Hell.
I believe in Angels, the Devil, and God.
I am not that different from Protestants.
My religion requires a lot of faith,
And I don’t bash those who believe in less or more than me,
So why would you bash my religion and me?
For those of you, who are still rolling your eyes, just know:
I am Christian.
I am Catholic.
And I am proud.


The Library Minion

I love this poem. You articulate the answers to the questions and judgments people have about Catholicism succinctly and eloquently. I wish I had thought to write this poem myself, but you've done it, and better than I could. It was a pleasure to read.

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