The Beautiful Struggle

Who told us that life would be so hard

Our past haunting us,

The future looming ahead,

We struggle to enjoy and succeed in the present.

I have given up the hope for my life to be perfect

Now, all I hope is to make one life better, everyday

And to let my scars tell their stories of hope,

Inspiration, courage & strength

Just like the Man who is also God whose wounds tell a story

Of His love for me

Whose blood flows out to cleanse, heal and renew me

“By his wounds we are healed,” says the Good Book.

Growing up, believing in Jesus was quite easy

Though life was stormy,

I had everything going for me

The future seemed golden until one tragic day

When all was lost—

Health, career, friends, family, reputation, identity,

And God, seemingly

I had no say in it.

In the dark I sat

Unable to move

Months passed and deeper my soul sank

And one day I found myself determined to sink

To the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

What happened to that bright-eyed, optimistic girl who had so much to give,

Joy and laughter and hope

So much potential, people would say

She was wading into the swirling sea, knowing in an instant all could be over;

She didn’t know how to swim, anyway

Suddenly a strong current pushed against her body

The power of the wave startled her and she stepped back

Shivering and soaked up to her shoulders,

Unable to lift my head,

I walked as runners and dog-walkers passed by

The autumn breeze blowing against my ashamed face…


Today, I’m alive and want to be,

But everyday is a beautiful struggle

Still, it’s beautiful.

So don’t lose hope,

God’s got your back

Though you curse Him, He’ll stay

Though you betray Him, He’ll embrace you

Though you can’t see Him or the future ahead,

He sees you, knows you, and had a dream for you since your birth

So please, don’t give up

And let love in

For love comes from God

And Love makes us come alive.

And then, one day, all your scars will become stories,

That will make history

As you bring hope to the hopeless

With the hope God gave you when you had none


Life, a beautiful struggle, is worth living

And one day, in heaven, life won’t be a struggle,

But a symphony of only major tones

With only the bright hues & sunlight

No more fears or tears, shame or pain

He will take you there


So let’s keep fighting, keep dancing

Until the last stanza of our lives

Singing, dancing, creating

Giving, loving, and enjoying

And most of all, soaking in the love and joy

God has in his heart for us


Don’t give up

Hope is real, God is alive

And you are one of a kind

The world needs you,

And your life will shine,

If you will choose to let His light through

In the darkest nights

I believe in you, you will make it somehow

I lift up a prayer for you as I write

The Man-God will come and heal you with his scarred hands

I love you, whoever you are,

Because God’s love now lives inside of me,

And his heart aches, it yearns for you.


You are not alone;

Your pain is felt within His own heart

He collects your tears in a bottle, it says

Give him the ache,

Scream out his name

He is close to the brokenhearted

The ashamed

And the weak

It is for people like us that He came

And the Cross says

He would rather die than have you die

So let him give you new life

And your struggle will turn beautiful

Like a flower that is crushed to release fragrance


I live today to tell this truth

God is with you—pray to Him, He listens

He is ready to make the change that you need

Nothing is impossible for Him

Just believe, my friend,

Just believe,

And watch for the change that you need

The sun will rise upon your life again

And you will never be the same

I have never been the same.


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