Everything is new

As I was descending from my declavity, with such an excessive velocity, suddenly I precipitated on a Holigorized thoroughfare.
Then I was transmogrified to the ancient days singing sweet sweet melody melody Mary born child Jesus Christ on Christmas day...I can feel the Angels sing a king was born that day...
so lo and behold I carried wisdom and was feeled with Sonesis, Phonesis and Phronesis. Then I became a pleroma of aeons filled with gnosis.

And the King of Kings said to tell you. You are an epitome of beauty for celebration.
You are born to win, born to shine forth the beauty of His aeons and cronies in his firmaments.

You are a pleroma planted in the plentious fields of prosperity.

Even when the economy of the world is zero, I will not dance to fear, I will not shake nor stumble because greater is the economy in me.

like a city set on top the hill,
go shining like the stars because everything is new.
everything is new everything is new everything everything is new, the city is so amazing for you because in you everything is new.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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