Daughter of a King

Tue, 01/30/2018 - 12:24 -- fidelle

She was blowing just one candle of the cake

, but the ancient serpent wasn't having it.

He had seen the mark,

the anointing and power bestowed on her.

Prowling like a lion seeking for a soul to devour,

he came upon the daughter of the King.

In the twinkle of an eye

, light was turned to darkness,

jubilation to sorrow,

sunrise to sunset.

Mama’s bundle of joy lay lifeless in her arms.

Doctor! Doctor! She cried;

but the peculiar machine availed not, she would  have to watch her baby rot.

Suddenly she remembered that name,

That name,higher than any other name.

At the mention of that name the king of Babylon trembles.

She called upon that name and the bread of life overcame the

bird that snatched the seed of existence.

Exhilaration and glee outstripped her heart,

for the adversary was defeated.


I reminisce that day as I stood before the gates of gold and jasper,

surrounded by cherubs with wings as white as snow.

The superb voices of the morning stars filled my ears with sounds of harmony.

I recall the utmost state of serenity that engulfed me

while in the presence of the great and mighty one

A blinding light hit my eyes as the shepherd of my soul approached me with a face glimmering like the sun and eyes of a flame of fire.

That distinct tender voice that said, come unto me my child,

wrapped me up with arms of silk and smiled down on me,

Oh how I adored him.

He said to me,

you are a pitcher of my water

to be filled and poured out for my glory,

to be replenished through my story.

You are a vessel through which I will turn water into wine.

Remain rooted in the faith for

the tempter will come from the four corners of the earth seeking to avenge his defeat.

And with that he sent me into this world as his ambassador


Years go by living in a realm full of sin.

The prince of the air sends strong winds that cause the stillness of my faith to wave, and wave, and wave,

I plunder about his ways for the foundation of a house crumbled, but a family didn't stumble.

As I forsake the sinking sand that fulfills the desires of my flesh,

and build my foundation upon the everlasting rock

my faith regains its stillness and I know that he alone is God.

My eyes have seen, my ears have heard, so I will talk about his goodness.

In this world I have everything to lose

So In peace, I look to the sky because, I know I will  soon fly.


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