Beauty of the Divine

Up before dawn, with curtains still drawn
The newborn baby cries to wake you
Till the eardrums split, and you're covered with spit
Maybe it already hates you
Covered in pudge, but still showered with love
Babies are strange, ugly creatures
But when each is born, God adorns
This baby with its unique features
A nose and face, touched by God's grace
Not all people can be divine
But when He made you, He saw me too
And decided that you would be mine
He took his time, and took the shine
Right out of the stars for your eyes
He raided deep space, a dark vacuous place
For the color of your hair so fine
He looked to the sea, and at every beach
For the color of your perfect skin
He gifted to me, your smile of ivory
That makes me guilty with perfect sin
So now I believe, because you are with me
That beauty's not just at the core
Because in all of my life, I will never find
A beauty as divine as yours

This poem is about: 
My family


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