The Millennium Door

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 09:39 -- Crosby


One dreary night so bleak and grim, I found myself gone in spirit. No longer was I alone in my room, but alone in the depths of a pit. I looked around this dark chamber but only the full moon and Draco would meet my eyes. Then with a whisper the light of a thousand torches scattered the dark. I beheld before me a golden door spanning 660 meters in height, the width being 60.6 meters and the frame being yet another 6 meters past the limits of the door. The door gleamed of gold and was adorned with engravings of dragons and scorpions, of kings and kingdoms, of love and death, of demons and angels. Yet such beauteous of a door and no handle to open.

    Cautiously I found myself at its threshold. My hand pressed against the cold metal. I leaned my ear against the door and was confused at what seemed to be the sound of a thousand hornets waiting for the next weary soul to disturb their nest. I leaned closer when a shout erupted from the depths of the Earth. The door flew open sending me through the air to the other side of the put. I peered into the darkness behind the open doors when a putrid smell assaulted my nose and a cloud of darkness sprung forth from the depths of the door. A thousand demons caught my eyes. Beautiful creatures yet dark in their hearts. The dark angels flew off into the Earth but one stayed behind. This is one, more beautiful and darker than the rest, approached me and spoke in my mind. He was Abaddon the Keeper of Death and Pain. His voice filled my mind with darkness and my blood became acid. His teeth were razors and eyes that of a cobra. He held his blade to smite my head when before me was a flash and a scream of pain.

    When the light disappeared I beheld a golden gate, adorned twelve jewels. Before me stood an angel donned in light and armor. I heard his voice in my mind. It soothed me of the afflictions set by Abaddon. He told me to be at peace for he is Michael the Archangel. He gave me food and water and when I had my fill he beckoned me to the edge of Zion's domain. I looked down and beheld darkness and chaos and despair. I saw a dragon whose claw encompassed half of the Earth. He set fire to the rock and swallowed up the stars. Kings and Emperors led conquests against the beast, but their mortal weapons left not a scratch upon his hide. He laughed and roared in mockery at their attempts. No one could fell the beast. Then a glimmer of light caught my eye and I beheld a lamb innocent and pure. It stood before the dragon. The beast laughed and recited the words of Goliath before he fell to the hands of shepherd boy. The dragon let loose a torrent of fire upon the lamb, but the lamb stood untouched by the flames. The lamb stamped its right hoof into the sullen ground and an intense light erupted from the ground and spread across the universe. The dragon became ash before my eyes ceasing to exist. His soul banished to the depths for eternity. When the light faded I beheld a new creation that my words nor those of the apostle John could record. I turned to face Michael and beheld not an angel but the Lamb. Rise he told me and be not afraid. He told me the events I have witnessed are to come. The Dragon shall rise from the depths of the Millennium Door and unleash his power upon the Earth. Yet the Lamb, the Alpha and Omega, shall smite the beast and establish a new kingdom where the King shall live with his people and reign for eternity. No longer shall death reign and tears fall. For the Lamb the coming of Life grows ever near. The Lamb entrusted me to pen these events for the people of my time. At this his form changed and was no longer the humble Lamb, but the mighty King himself. I diverted my eyes from his splendor, but yet the King of Kings laid his hand on upon my shoulder and asked me to look him in the eyes. I lifted my eyes and beheld the eyes of His Majesty. In his eyes I could see the depths of time and space. I could see love in its truest form, and glory and power were in his eyes and radiance. His smile was filled with love so deep and powerful it makes the mortal weak. His glory is more than my words can describe and my lead can pen into understanding. He told me, his child, to go and encourage my brothers and sisters to never falter, to not lie listless, to keep our lights burning. With this he smiled and once more bade me farewell and a promise to meet again.

    Here I am in my room so dark and dreary. Yet even in the dark confines of my reality, the Son of Man's light still shines ever brightly. It is with this light, to you my brothers and sisters, I tell you, be ever so strong in your faith. Do not lie listless and grow cold to the world around you, Let your light burn ever brightly. Persevere. Endure. Above all love your neighbor and your God. The end is night and our time is here and now. Soon the dragon shall awaken and plunge the Earth into darkness, but the Lamb shall stamp out the dark and renew creation.  Do not forget my recount, for these are the events that transpired at the Millennium Door.

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