Night Before Creation


Freeman Residence
203 Surrey Hill
United States
43° 5' 18.0096" N, 77° 34' 34.1904" W

Starlight trickles down the latticework

As haughty hearse tires grind past astral asphalt

As though recklessly inclined

To ferry death’s last claimed

Across timeworn cosmic avenues

Across God made time


Starlight trickles down the latticework

As a luminescence flickers

Inside an attic swimming

In stew its owner

Won’t fathom

Until too



Starlight trickles down the latticework

As an irony unshackles the conscience

Of Mother Nature begotten

So long ago by





Starlight trickles past the latticework, finished

As one last dreary fleck of raindrop white

Situates himself amidst a

Gargantuan grove of

Rotted boscage

Retired silva



Moonlight trickles toward the garden gate

Seeps past the wrought iron hinges

Drips as though wax

Beneath archaic

Cosmic candles



Moonlight floods the garden

The last sands of a remote time

Vitrified afore His Omnipotence

Before Enoch would be stolen by

The descendents of antiquity

Before the serpent was more subtle than

Any beast of the field

Before God saw that it was good


Seed be sown

Lattice turned full helix

Veiled within two ribs

A garden within a garden



An evil dissolved in God’s swimming cerebrospinal fluid

Man’s design before the





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