We Are Love

Knock Knock

Who's There?

Not me

Was it you?

Knock Knock

There it is again. 

Is it something more?

A being greater than you and me?

A god?

Or a deity?

Perhaps it's just the universe

Knocking at our door

Whoever it is

Whatever it is

It must love us

Hard to believe, I know

What with life being so cruel

So harsh and unforgiving

But if it didn't love us

If what I believe in doesn't love me, 

Then why are we here?

How is it that I have delicate veins

Intricately woven throughout my body?

How did I get these organs that work together,

To create a harmony? 

These eyes that are so fragile,

Yet so powerful as to see,

How do they exist?

I was created with care.

I was created with patience.

My existence is the result of someone,


Taking their time and sculpting me to their exact specifications.

My brain is different than yours

And yours is different from hers

The thousands of billions of cells that make up this world,

So that I could live this life

It was not a sudden occurrence.

Something didn't just 'happen'.

Every person,

Every thought,

Every plant, animal, and cloud,

Every detail down to the last atom

All of it was carefully thought out

It was all carefully executed in a perfect plan

A collision didn't just happen in space

Space was created

Then Earth

Then us.

We are the result of love

We are a love poem

So read carefully

This poem is about: 
Our world


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