He is




He has been questioned and speculated and misunderstood

Misinterpreted, misrepresented, and rejected as a result

Portrayed as one who requires perfection,

Who can’t see past our every fault

But Jesus

That’s just not who he is

He has been mocked and laughed at

Or used as a tool for prestigious appearances

Or regarded as a made up figure meant to condemn us

But Jesus

That’s just not who he is

He’s become politically incorrect

And where the concept of truth itself has been deemed untrue

He’s been referred to  as the mind block that prevents future growth

But Jesus

That’s just not who he is

Because without God’s peace I would be a troubled soul

Searching, and filling, to be soon emptied more

I’d be trusting in only what can be contained in this world

I’d be disappointed and empty, with shallow goals

Without God’s joy I would be so easily controlled

Selfish and bitter of what they all stole

I’d get euphoric, then depressed, but never feel whole

I’d get defeated, then angry, dissatisfied, and alone

Without God’s word I would be an aimless boat

Tossed by the waves of societal norm

I’d be trying to figure it all out on my own

Without the anchor of truth to establish my soul

Without the Holy Spirit I just wouldn’t know

How sweet his presence is when we’re all alone

I’d be always second guessing the direction I should go

I’d be apart from his power, unable to grow

And without his grace, I would have quit long ago

I’d be still far off in my fear of giving up control

Running as fast as I could from his throne

Bitter, yet guilty, but without any hope

But he didn’t allow that

Because he tugged at my heart

When I rejected his name

He fought hard

Tearing down the walls built by my indecisive mind

He proved to me he is what fills the void in inside

He is truth

Perfect peace

Constant joy

Unconditional Love

His has satisfied this longing heart

He’s the only thing I’m certain of

Those who accept him

He makes their heart new

And those who reject him

He relentlessly pursues

Driven by love that can’t be removed

Whether embraced or denied it remains true


The name stirs up offense, uncomfortable feelings, makes us put up our defense

And it’s the same name that liberates, sets the captives free, makes the lame walk, and the blind see

It has power that goes beyond you and me

Beyond what science can measure or religion can reach

Radical love that renews and forgives

Dying for your heart

That’s who Jesus is

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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