Mind Games

I lost myself inside my head-space
No mind palace up here.
I went a-wandering inside myself.
And I tell you, its been years...
Since all of my saw the sun
Hugged a friend,
Smelled a flower.
And I've been at it so long
I fear not but the power of God
Can save me.
Because really,
I'm still lost up here,
All of me is not sitting here
Typing words for all to see,
Part of me,
Is not in me.
Its out there-
Where no one can see.



A part of you can be seen among the mundane world with common eyes, but the true part of you can be discovered through creative and imaginative eyes that bend reality and seek out things no one else can find but you. I love the poem, its a cool eye opener;)


Thank you. :)

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