My cousin says I'm wrong,
My sister says I'm living a lie.

But each day I still take a second
To smile at the sky.


I may not physically see you,

But I always know you're there.

I prove this to myself,

When I bow my head in prayer.

I talk to you like a friend,
Because that's what you are, after all.
I hope you have a minute,

To just listen to my call.

They tell me I'm crazy, you know,
For the one thing I can't live without,
They've never seen or heard,
But you are what I always felt.

When I was stranded in this world,

When none of them could care,

I locked myself in my room,

And you were always right there.


I cried to you for hours,

But they don't even know.

How I longed to be with you,

These words could never show.

Friends came and went,

Family casted me out.

But I know you’re at my side.

You’re there without a doubt.


The cross reminds me that you’re alive.

I clutch my rosary beads tight.

Sometimes they’re all I have

When I’m alone, crying at night.


You give me strength to go further,

A reason to stay where I am lost.

You saved me in my darkest hour-

For that there will never be a cost.


I owe you so much.

My thanks will never be enough.

I still smile up at you,

Even though it’s tough.


In the darkness that surrounds me,

You are the one candle that is lit.

It is you who has finally found me --

Thanks for being my God through all of it.

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