False God

Always thought that good is the great

Help me out always never be late 

If i came in crying he’d open his gate

Master of the world controlled my fate 

God is strong God is a baller 

God gonna be there when you holler 

Pray to him your problems will disappear 

Talk to him your issues he will hear 

But god is divided and he aint one 

Separated by humans into different religion

Hindu muslin sikh budhaa or christian 

Your god is declared before you’re born 

Dare to chose your lord and you’re gone

7 billion people with 70thousand Gods

Prayed by each some kind of a fraud 

God is the culprit of the deaths by jihaad 

Succumbed to society thats how you start 

Don’t follow the religious if you’re smart 

Sickening stuff happens daily in his name 

If god had lived he’d die of shame 

If god didn’t exist who’d you blame  

Isn’t god  just some fucked up game 

You might think that almighty is splendid 

Kinda burden on your head that landed

Live your life make sure he’s not disappointed 

You will be dead if you decide against it 

Lord almighty has done more wrong than good 

Responsible for most things that are screwed

People dying to hunger why won’t he give them food 

Would listen to you but he’s not in the mood 

From being a single force to the present transition 

Whose idea was to make this division 

World Lost in facade caused all complication 

You can believe what evers your faith in 

Forget about differences and go get drinking

Worshipping has got the world sinking 

Work for your goals don’t leave it on the creator

He made the world and then said see ya later

Drops in The ocean you aint even on his radar

Pray all day it still won’t matter 

You won’t find god in bible gitaa quran or granth 

Some people made up god for publicity stunt 

Publicity stunt doesn’t it make you grunt 

Ask my opinion god should be shunned 

I don’t believe in god I believe in blunts

Aint gonna pray in all the months

Stoopid devotee dumb ass. Nunss

Cause of god kiddies hold em guns 

Millions die while dancing prayers you sing 

Not joys ‘ suffering he bringss

Jesus really didn’t die for your sins 

If i were dying god would watch me bleed

God speed gods feed god leads god needs 

Would follow god when he’s got some weed



Don’t believe that god exists 

Writing in books a bunch of myths 

A super natural above the sky 

In this world the biggest lie 

God is considered the strongest being 

To defeat the God all you have to is stop believing 

Not going to see god after you die 

Rotting six feet under you will lie ! 

Next time you pray ask yourself why 

Why don’t you go get you a chicken fry 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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