Why Love

Dear Lord,


You are my God. The king of kings, the alpha and the omega, the great I Am. The ruler of all that was, that is, and is to come. And yet you still care about me. Me a speck on one planet of the millions you created. You took the time to stop sculpting the cosmos to mold me out of clay. Every black hair on my head you counted, every tear I would ever shed was placed in my eyes and every love I would ever have in my heat. Your eternal love pored over me before I was ever born. But why. To toy with the idea even for a second that it is deserved would be absurd. So why? Why would you deliver me from an oppressive communist regime into a nation of freedom and wealth while leaving most of my family behind. Why would you forgive me, and bless me, and love me even after time after time I've proven to fail you. I try my best to keep your commandments and learn about your word but I can still not follow your simplest requests. I am shamefully a Christian who hardly reads the Bible and easily falls asleep before prayer. But your love exhaustingly persists. A love that was so strong that you let your son be crucified so I could live. Words can not portray how un worthy I am of this and still you have no regrets. Yes you are lord of all but above all you are the lord of love.


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