Die Hard, Try Hard


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Desires I openly nearly never express

People always seem to ask me why
Well why cant I fall in love
Why cant I achieve my dreams
Why can't I do both and still have everything
Why people wanna take it all when I already lost everything
I dont wear my heart on my sleeve
I feel its safer not to have on me
I wanna make her glitter
I wanna make her shine
she don't have to love me
All I wanted was her time
I leave the door open so my past can come find me
I hope she wont need it cause she'll be right beside me
10million thoughts can never seem to be confined to a calendar
Uncertainty is still that corridor I visit
Trust where is it?
I put mine in the people I care about so I never question their where abouts
When I thought we are about to do something amazing
Tragedy sets in and ends future pro creating
She frees my mind an intuition
Lifestyle and ambition
I provide the emission and she provide the ammunition
We've laughed, we've cried, we've fought, we've hugged
Those aint even the best memories
Of our well of memoirs
The resevoirs of our history
When I was missing in action
You went all out for me
Thanks may be in order
I got something more special on rush
I value kindness and passion over lust
Without a shadow of doubt welcome to the light of purity
My heart was always broken thank you for curing me



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Title :: Die Hard, Try Hard
Category :: Poetry
Author:: Claudius Taylor

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