Sons So Distant

Locked away in idol caves
Cold and starving in living graves
Once reared and brought up
But now in revolt, the Father’s cup
Fills itself to the brim 
So they follow every whim
Drowning in darkness in a dark land
The bride forsakes her husband’s wedding band
Worshipping scarlet and crimson
Their heart becomes their own prison 
So they draw near with words
Empty promises of bliss
Unfaithful flashing swords
They are Judas’ kiss
The undead among them 
They trust and call friend
Unless they see the truth
They will meet their end
They will be restored
If they have eyes to see 
But darkness is their love
their own reality.
Sons awakening
Come, let us go to His mountain
But what if He shall see
The bribes, and pride, and selfish lies
Will we pay the fee
Come, let us go to His mountain 
But maybe we shall hide
So that the King or Seraphim
Can’t see what is inside
Come, let us go to His mountain
Our hearts are bursting now
If eternal peace is possible
The only question is: how?
Come, let us go to His mountain
Though a remnant still
Perhaps if we forget our sin
We will please His will
Come, let us go to His mountain
So we can sacrifice 
Rams and bulls and sheep and goat
Maybe that will pay the price.
Sons Who See
If our evil will cease
And our deeds will please
Can we be healed?
If blood is shed
At the altar’s head
Can we then go and kneel
Come to His mountain
The place of the skull
Provide the knife
I have the bull
But to our surprise instead
We turned and looked and saw a means
With a thicket caught upon His head
And this son who was not withheld 
Fulfilled a promise there
The Lord was pleased to justify
And bring us from our lair.
The Father’s cup was poured on Him 
And He was poured out to death
Salvation touched our hearts and lips
Intercession in His breath
Sons Returned
Radiance and brilliance blinding
Goodness eternally unwinding
Arise Sons, for the light has come
The darkness is over and He has won
It is the last day
But also the first
He was despised
But He became our thirst
A light came and we saw Him
The darkness fled as did sin
Then He made us white
Like wool, like His light
His glory shines eternally 
For He was pierced 
But now reigns mercifully 
And now He’s near
Longing to be gracious
To wipe every tear 
The redeemed confess
There’s nothing to fear
The Father drew us,
rebellious sons
Come, let us go to His mountain
His glory has won.


Zachary Harris

For an Isaiah class I am taking.

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