Identify or Be

The meaning of identity 

is having a close similarity


identifying oneself

to another 


To be 

or not

is no the same 

you see

to be


to exist.

our existance

does not necessarily

translate to idenity

and therefore we

cannot identify with what contradicts to our

true being.


A work of God

A man

A woman

An angel

A devil

An animal

A plant

the rocks


Water bashing on the rocks

never questions its idenity

because its being is being 



The plants and animals don't think or ask why

they are made for what

and humans

keep asking questions when the answer is right there


in the plants

the water

the pixels recreating rocks with water


on them.


Formed by the Lord

our being is being

identified by being

a being

of the Lord.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world