To midnightdreamer - Or whoever is reading

(I wrote this in a comment to someone, but it is for you too, dear reader.)


All the world was dark 

Before the beginging

Alone and stark

He began singing

A world into being

Our world - you and me.

Seeing is believeing,

But not all see

Or they choose 

Not to look. 

They loose 

The precious book

The words of life

Toss it aside

Amid the strife 

Which is to abide

In this world - sin stained

Not how He




But He doesn't leave us in the dark.

No, He's a fighter.

He left us a spark

A lover, 

Dead in love.

With a mission

Far above

Our decision 

To abandon


A son.

A diadem.

He loves you,


He wants you.

He's your redeemer.

~I know His name. You can too.


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